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Living Green in 9th and 9th. – 1048 S. Lake, 84105

UPDATE: A Home Energy Rating was recently conducted on this home and it came back with a HERS score of 55! Click here to learn more about what a HERS rating means.

Living green in the city is not always easy to do when the inventory of green homes is as small as it is. Well, your opportunity to live green, while enjoying the convenience of one of Salt Lake City’s most walkable neighborhoods, is here with this home at 1048 S. Lake Street.


Designed by A. K. Smith Architects this home was built with the environment in Mind.  With an exterior of Structural Integrated Panels (SIPS) this home is already 65% more energy efficient than standard frame construction and 2 1/2 times stronger!  But the exterior is only the beginning, an emphasis on green living was made throughout this home with everything from home automation systems to carpet made from soy and corn oil.

So what makes this home so green?

-ICF Foundation and Insulated Slab: An insulated concrete foundation excludes the interior of the home from the temperature fluctuations of the outside world.  The slab maintains ambient temperature of Earth, 55°.

-Radon Gas Removal System: Ensures healthy air and proper vetilation to the outside.

-SIPS Panel Construction: With the walls and roof made up entirely of SIPS Panels this foam features strong walls with an R40 insulation value.  The ceilings, being twelve inches thick have an R80 insulating Value.

-Solar: This home has been built with passive solar features to reduce heat gain in the summer and optimize sunlight in the winter.  Natural daylighting is featured with optimal window placement, skylights and unique translucent panels in the upstairs hall that allow daylight to move between floors.  To top this all off the home has been built with the future in mind and is ready now for your future active solar needs.

-Radiant Heating: Powered by a tankless water heater, the highly efficient , 3 zone radiant heating system will not only heat the home, but your hot water.  A highly efficient secondary forced air system will take the chill off of the second floor on those super cold winter nights, but the open stairs and living area will allow the radiant and fireplace heat to rise throughout the home on most nights, without the need of the forced air system.

-Pella High Performance Windows and Doors: These ultra efficient windows protect you and your home from extreme heat and cold along with blocking UV rays.

-Low Flow Water Fixtures an High Efficiency Hallogen and CFL Lighting.

-Interior Finishes: With no or low VOC finishes throughout this home you know that the air you breath is free of harmful compounds.  The Timbercreek cabinetry is custom made of bamboo and feature Blum softclose hardware, the kitchen counters are IceStone and made up of 70% recycled glass and the clear glass backsplashes are also recycled.  The Mohawk Carpet throught the home has been manufactured from Soybean and Corn sugars and is 100% recyclable.

-Home Automation: Control everything from the fireplace to the thermostats with your Control4 Home Automation System. Not only is this extreme convenience it is also energy efficient.  Wouldn’t be cool if you could control everything in your home with your iPhone?  Well, you can with this home.

Control4 uses dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste. A typical 3-bedroom home with a Control4 system will eliminate over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That’s like not driving a car for a month! Control4 also lets you control the amount of wattage used by light bulbs, which not only saves electricity and reduces energy bills but extends the life of bulbs as well.

Appliances: In your kitchen you will find highly efficient Bosch Appliances with an EcoSense Dishwasher and Energy Star rated refrigerator along with a Bosch gas cooktop and Bosch Convection Oven.

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1048 S. Lake Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84105


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